Who I am and What I Do…

I own/run an independent software development shop, based in Oxfordshire, UK.

I develop apps for desktop computers and mobile devices, creating custom FileMaker Pro and native iOS applications.

I’ve been developing desktop solutions for Windows and Mac computers since 2001, adding the iOS mobile platform to my portfolio in 2010.

I develop a range of applications for the aviation and road transport industries, along with custom apps designed for individual private clients.

After a successful first three years in the App Store, I found that there was an increasing demand for business apps and custom software that just wasn’t suited to distribution via Apple’s public App Store eco-system, so in October 2013 I decided to focus on developing mobile applications for iOS devices, distributed as B2B apps or deployed as full Enterprise Applications.

Today, I am principally involved in developing business software systems for the Motorsport industry, but still have a presence in the App Store with a range of products aimed at the Ground Transport industry.

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